Mediterranean Limestone Collection

These beautiful limestones are in a gamut of colours from beiges and creams reminiscent of the Mediterranean beaches close to their source, to a striking grey tinged with blue. They are available in different sizes and finishes, including tumbled pavers to allow the customer to match the external to the internal floor creating feeling that… Continue reading Mediterranean Limestone Collection

What is Jerusalem Stone?

Jerusalem Stone is one of the oldest and most beautiful building materials in the world. The deposits, which are quarried in the Holy Land around Jerusalem, vary in colour from a rich gold to hues of grey and pink and are similar to limestone in appearance but much harder and less porous giving them the… Continue reading What is Jerusalem Stone?

Is stone flooring indestructible? How strong is stone

Although stone can appear almost indestructible as a building material, it needs to be maintained to keep its looking its best. Let’s starts with some basic checks. Is the stone floor sealed? Check the stone’s softness Decide on what furniture rests upon the floor It’s a good idea to ensure it is properly sealed particularly… Continue reading Is stone flooring indestructible? How strong is stone

The best places to plant - Herb Hedge Plantings

Herb Hedge Plantings Some of the fragrant herbs can grow as borders, edgings, and low hedges. Others that aren’t fragrant also make good low hedges because they have interesting foliage or ornamental gray leaves. Boxwood, though not an herb, is the traditional edging in knot and formal herb gardens. Lavender. Probably the most ideal fragrant… Continue reading The best places to plant - Herb Hedge Plantings

Commercial flooring projects

Commercial Projects Our tiles have been used in a multitude of different projects from large to small, both commercial and domestic, interior and exterior. Links with our associate company in the USA mean that we are able to handle cross-Atlantic projects with ease. Fattal building Antique Gold was used for external cladding on this office… Continue reading Commercial flooring projects