Who should you choose?

Choosing a bank to finance your property development can lead to 15% longer waiting times. Cut out the middle man and head straight to a private lender.

Often, they will combine the security of a bank with the speed and flexibility of a private lender. Loans will be secured against your land or property development.

Choose Hunter Finance to fund your commercial property development

Fast bridging loans are an option when choosing this finance company. Find out your decision in just 24 hours.

Commercial bridging loans mean you will receive the money ASAP. Bridging finance is often used for land and property purchases, as well as providing money for a development that is currently in process.

Hunter Finance’s finance options are designed for short to medium term solutions.

Your guide to bridging loans

Here are the top reasons to choose a bridging loan:

  • Fast process: completing a bridging loan is very short in terms of time in comparison to remortgaging a property.
  • Flexible repayment options: you choose when you pay the loan back on - period can’t exceed 12 months.
  • Varied reasons: if you can prove you can pay the loan pay imminently, you will often be approved.