Making your property more energy efficient

With climate change, an increasingly big concern on most people’s minds is how to save more energy around the house.

Although most people acknowledge climate change to be a structural issue, and ultimately most of the blame can be placed on a few leading corporations, there are small changes we can make to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle ourselves.

Simple Changes

One way we can make changes on an individual level is by taking the steps to become more energy efficient in the household. This can not only help save the planet but can help you save costs on your bills!

  1. It is important to understand your energy bill in order to determine where you may be overusing electricity or water.
  2.  Remember and turn off your devices when you are not using them!
  3. Install efficient airconditioning system and hire a good electrician for air conditioning repairs
  4. Take shorter showers and think of baths as one-off luxuries.
  5. Draught-proof your home: You can DIY draft-proof your home in order to keep heat inside during the winter.
  6. Change your lightbulbs - LED spotlights are often bright enough to replace other bulbs and are more energy-efficient.
  7. Turn off the lights when you leave the room - a tip we all know but often don’t always follow.
  8. Open windows rather than relying on an extractor fan - a double bonus as this uses no electricity and allows you to get some fresh air circulating in the house.
  9. Avoid using the dryer, hang your clothes on a washing line in the garden or inside your home if you don’t have a garden.
  10. When you’re cooking, use glass and ceramic dishes in the oven. This will hold heat better and mean you can cook food at a slightly lower temperature.

Additionally, it can be helpful to think about what appliances in your home are using the most energy. You can talk to your electrician about this as they may be able to advise you which controls you can change to avoid wasting energy.

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