Garden landscaping

As far back as ancient history, we have records of homes that tended gardens. In the days of the Egyptians and Romans, in religious myths and legends, there are talks of gardens. As long as man has existed, the drive to reshape the land around him has included the concept of gardening. Simple defined, garden landscaping is reshaping and decorating the land around you into a pleasing appearance. From elaborate hedge mazes to a simple clear cut and trimmed expanse, garden landscaping takes on many forms.

Earliest styles and examples of garden landscaping.

In the earliest of days, most landscaping consisted of clearing lands of tall grasses and sectioning parcels for use with farming. Herb and vegetable gardens for the home were the first to be cultivated and brought up by the housing structure.

The uniform sewing of seeds in early fields as far back as biblical times is one prime example of early and primitive garden landscaping. While the Imperial gardens of the Chinese dynasty are an example of how they became more artistic in form, and also how they began to have the function of a status symbol.

Throughout developing history, having a beautiful or elaborate garden became a genuine mark of the station. Most commoners had herb and vegetable gardens for the home, to have one that merely served as decoration however was truly the mark of extravagance.

Modern garden landscaping

Today, garden landscaping is not nearly so much for just the well off. From the rows of manicured lawns seen in suburbs to the petite squares of gardening that do the streets of some cities, the concept of shaped and well-maintained gardens has become as commonplace as owning a home. For those who are unable to actually garden and landscape in a yard, such as those who live in big cities, rooftop shade gardening has become quite popular, with the help of planters and creativity.

Many of them now include colorful foliage, side yard serenity and different types of shades.

Shades have now become very useful and have modernised the looks of a garden as they create an attractive, useful, and relaxing atmosphere.

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As garden landscaping became more popular

It evolved into more than just beautiful and unique plant life displays. The inclusion of statues, benches, gazebos, and shaped shrubberies began to rise in usage. Soon the scale of garden landscaping also began to rise and for a while among the more affluent classes, the manor was not complete without a massive display of unique and costly landscaping.

This is seen especially between the 16th and 18th centuries, where some of the more breathtaking examples have been preserved to this day and emulated the world over in part.