If you’re a property owner that has a number of trees around your home, it’s always important to make sure you take good care of them.

They can help add home value, provide shade in the hotter months and can really improve the overall appearance of your property.

At Mr Handy Man Services, we highlight the importance of looking after your trees and how in some cases, arborists can help.

Mulching Can Help Its Health

Mulch is a fantastic way to protect a tree from over-watering. By surrounding the base of the tree, you can be assured that the tree won’t be exposed to over-fertilising too.

Furthermore, pruning a tree is necessary if branches have died or are on the brink of tearing away, which could cause damage to your property. You can also look for a tree lopper who can provide advice on how to prune trees.

Tree Removal for Dying Trees

 Sometimes, if you have a number of trees, but have noticed one isn’t healthy or has a damaged trunk, you may have to think about tree removal.

There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to tree removal, and you should always check with your local council about the process too. However, if a tree is in poor health, it may be affecting the growth and health of nearby trees too.

Letting Them Grow Naturally

 When building structures near a tree, always consult with a contractor about the impact it could have on a tree. Trees certainly don’t like having buildings next to them as it could affect the soil quality and its roots.

Generally, roots need to be three times the length of branches to help the tree grow sufficiently. For more information on trees, click here. You can also find more helpful property pieces by browsing here.