Keeping a tidy site is a safe site - it goes without saying.

Here are some valuable tips on how you can keep your building site tidy:

Store tools in a set place

Being organised on a construction site will make your work much easier.

Having a designated area to store tools allows you to reach them easily.

We recommend using storage containers for larger tools and a range of toolboxes for the not so large ones.

It saves you from having to search through piles of clutter!

Invest in clean up solutions

The cleanup process of the job isn’t for everyone.

We emphasise the importance of industrial clean up of waste on the building site.

Choosing a service that provides building waste removals can save a lot of time and maximise the time spent on the construction.

 Here’s one that interested us;

Provide same-day building waste disposals at low costs with no fuss.

No building waste collection job is too small or big for us!”

rubbish clearance

Fix broken or faulty tools

Make sure you flag broken tools early on as a problem can save a lot of time - and potentially injury.

Introduce workers into labelling and reporting the equipment.

You can also look into tool repairs when solving minor faults or problems to save money.

Keep clear access routes

A clean site should always have areas to access and leave - it’s the main principle.

Things to avoid:

  • Leaving out tools and materials
  • Rubbish lying about that is liable to either get in the way or be stolen.

Which can lead to significant safety precautions as it may impede a fire exit or cause a trip hazard.

Guidance here.

Obtain professional risk assessments

Maintaining expert advice from risk assessment specialists will help you identify areas that warrant special consideration.

By doing so, you can target these areas with different approaches.

Minimising the chance of safety violations that result in hefty fines.

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