CPM Cleaning has over 25 years of experience in the industry. This company works hard to ensure all services provided by their team are completed to a high standard, high quality and thorough.

All members of their team have had thorough training and are all highly skilled.

Please call CPM Cleaning on 1300 276 253. Alternatively, you can email info@cpmcleaning.com.au.

Available Services

Office Cleaning:

Their office cleaning services are responsive, reliable and reputable. They understand that a certain level is cleanliness is required in all office, which is why their professional service is amongst one of the best in Brisbane. They can offer you daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly services to a budget that suits you.


When choosing a school cleaner, you have to choose a company that is trustworthy and reliable. CPM Cleaning guarantees that their results will meet your expectations. Their school cleaning services includes teaching areas, staff areas, communal and storage areas.


This company provides a house keeping service that is both efficient and productive without causing disruption to guests. This company uses hi-tech machines ensuring that your hotel is cleaned properly. This team has experience working on different flooring materials and can deep clean your hotel.

Car Dealerships:

Get your car dealership up to scratch with CPM Cleaning. CPM understands that you need your dealership to be presentable to sell, which is why they apply the same approach to the showroom as they do to every other aspect of the property. They work with Audi, Jaguar and VW.