Our guide is to give you quick tips on how to keep your home secure and safe from opportunist thieves. This will also help to keep your belongings safe when nobody is home.

We also recommend taking part in this security survey to see how secure your home is.

Light Timers

A great addition to your home is light timers. You should definitely consider installing light timers around the home which will make it appear as somebody is home all the time, as opportunist thieves will approach homes that look like nobody is at home.

Light timers are extremely easy to install as they simply plug into any power socket. No need for complicated installations. View your options.

Review the Exterior

Take a walk around the entire exterior of your home and make sure that there are no slightly damaged windows or doors, as well as ensuring that your sheds, conservatories or garages are all securely locked.

If you do notice damage, you should call somebody to get this fixed as soon as possible. Click here for advice on this visual guide.

CCTV Installation

The use of CCTV is increasing massively in homes across London as surveillance systems increase security and reduce the risk of burglary in the home. CCTV systems use cameras to transmit a signal to a monitor so you can keep track of who enters a building.

For CCTV installation in your home or commercial building, we recommend contacting ACCL who are a specialist team that offers the best network data cabling solutions. Find out more.

If you would like more advice on how to secure your home, please feel free to contact us for more information.