Integration into the roofs has a solar roof composed of 4 panels provided by a manufacturer. The solar roof can provide a total capacity of 560 Wp.

The principle is the same as Photovoltaic panels, the solar roof harvests the sun and converts it in direct current electricity thanks to photovoltaic cells.

Each cell provides a small amount of electricity and each panel contains 40 cells connected in series. The output of these panels passes through an inverter to be redistributed to the grid as AC current. All PV panels contribute to reducing electricity consumption.

The second advantage of this solar roof is it allows daylight to shine into the corridor seminar room limiting the artificial lighting required.

Property Roofing

So many times a homeowner is advised that a new roof is needed even if the tiles appear to be in good repair. Upon inspection, it may be noted that there is underlying rot which needs to be seen to as soon as possible or there will be further complications.

Sometimes the problem is noticed when a leak suddenly becomes noticeable, but there doesn’t seem to be any damaged or missing tiles. Water begins seeping under the tiles and then begins forming pools on the ceiling so that the leak is readily apparent from the inside.

According to some statements, the cause of this could be that there is inadequate ventilation in the roofing system. If this is the case, then chances are good that the entire roof and underlying timbers and sheathing will need to be replaced.

Rot and mould have weakened the structure, thereby allowing blowing rain and snow to get underneath the tiles.

 But, if it was not environmental moisture that caused the rot in the first place, how did those timbers get wet?

New roof installations can help with this problem but only if done properly. RJs Ultimate Roofing is an outstanding company who provide roofing services whether its renovation, restorations or cleaning.

They are amazing at paying attention to the smallest of details, as a small problem can still cause major amounts of damage to your home and personal property. If you live in North Brisbane and want a company who can help you solve your problems, get in touch with them and have a look at the customers reassuring testimonials.

Moisture from within the home from showers and cooking can waft up through ducts and into the attic/loft which in turn will cause condensation if not adequately ventilated.

Unless you are prepared to replace your roof every few years, it is vital that you only have a new roof installed by a qualified contractor who is aware of the importance of proper ventilation and can see to it that your roof is properly ventilated.