How does the council help with refuse collection?

Councils will often change the company that handles their refuse collection due to prices and quality of work. Please contact us for more information.

In a “groundbreaking” departure from good sense, “the unique nature of the contract means that the performance of refuse collections will be measured by how clean the borough is rather than by how often streets are swept.”

However, suspicious residents often question how accurate this is. In many cases, residents wonder how clean is clean? What counts as unacceptable? And will this be any change from previous companies?

In these troubled times, the council might not have enough resources to monitor the streets. Well, phew! However, you can change this and start taking some responsibility for your household waste. Find out how you can waste less.

How to get rid of your household waste?

Now remember, refuse collectors won’t take things such as old furniture and other household waste - although some residents do expect this.

Don’t leave your old furniture out on the streets; this is your responsibility so make sure everything is disposed of properly. Get in touch with a rubbish clearance company that is approved by the Environmental Agency. For all legal waste removals, visit this website.