Toilet and bathroom cleaning

How to clean ceramic tiles and grout

Throw out the cistern blocks and the artificial perfumes, you will not need them.

Wash down the whole of the toilet, including behind the seat, with a proper hard surface detergent in solution and then rinse it off. Then wipe dry with a half damp cloth, now leave it to dry. Wash the bowl by pouring a splash of the neat detergent in the water, and scrubbing with the toilet brush. Now flush the toilet.

Descaling a toilet

You will need to descale a toilet about once a month -urine and hard water is a good combination to make scale - that’s the staining around the lip of your bowl and this is the stuff that your bleach treatments and anything else you are using is not removing Acid is the only scale remover which is going to work in areas of hard water. See: How to Remove Limescale from Your Toilet.

Use phosphoric acid or citric acid for preference. Vinegar and anything else you might have read about will not work. So go and buy a proper de-scaler from a janitorial supplier and keep it to clean the grout and the taps and the shower head as well. Also, use this to clean your shower cubicle.

Once your toilet is descaled, all it requires is a daily wash, including a wash around the bowl, as previously shown.

Disinfecting and sanitizing- is it necessary?

No. Toilets do not smell if they are cleaned properly with detergent as we have indicated. Bacterial growth occurs when surface cleaning has not been carried out properly. Surface cleaning will remove almost everything which could cause you problems.

Bleaching and the use of disinfectants will not replace a good clean and descaling because it is the scale and the un-cleaned surface soiling which attracts bacteria. So you can try to think you are cleaning when you put a bit of bleach in the bowl, but in fact, you are not. Can’t beat a good clean. Get those hands wet.

You can look here for some tips on how to disinfect your home.

NOTE WELL: never mix an acid de-scaler with bleach. Keep them very far apart. We have however seen toilets awash with neat bleach, and others with almost neat coal tar disinfectant, but still dirty, and we mean dirty! Bleach removes scale colour but not the scale, and coal tar disinfectant can be poisonous in heavy quantities.

The difference from a cleaned toilet to an un-cleaned toilet is easy to see. So before you get sanitises on the brain, clean the area properly first.

Bathroom services

It is no surprise that over time, you may experience faults with your toilet, sink or shower, such as leaking taps, blocked drains and no water emerging. If you do have these issues, we recommend calling a plumber as soon as possible.

An experienced plumber should be able to handle your problems efficiently and at minimal disruption to you. It is important to have these issues looked at, as soon as they happen. This will prevent further damage in the future. Click here.