Paragon Handy Man Home Services has a guide on the most popular renovations for homeowners across Brisbane.

Extending your home is a great way to improve your family’s lifestyle, as well as increasing the value of your property. Greenstone Building Solutions can offer you advice, as well as design services to achieve the results you are looking for. Click here.

Flat roof rear extension – single storey

This is a flat roof extension that can be built to the rear of a semi-detached, detached or terraced property. The flat roof keeps costs down, and gives you the maximum possible extra space.

You’ll gain a lot of extra floor space so this type of extension is very versatile. There’ll be enough room for a kitchen/diner with a utility room and downstairs toilet. You could have a large, airy breakfast room - or just make your living room larger. It’s up to you. More information here.

Planning tip

The extension must not be higher than 4m, or extend beyond the width of your existing house. If your house is terraced, it should not extend beyond 3m to the rear and if semi-detached, beyond 4m.

Pitched roof rear extension – single storey

This is the most popular type of extension, particularly for terraced houses in city centres. We can add a dining area to your kitchen, or you may want a bright and airy garden room. Click here.

Planning tip

As far as practicable, the roof pitch should match that of your existing house. The maximum eaves and ridge height should not exceed 4m.

Have you had a renovation? Send us in some photos and let us know who completed the build!

Pitched roof rear extension – double storey

A double storey pitched roof extension is one of the best ways to add both space and considerable value to your home. It looks more expensive than it actually is. We use a combination of professional engineering and well-chosen materials to keep the costs down.

The two storeys make this type of extension extremely versatile. For example, you can extend your kitchen and gain an ensuite bathroom or extra bedroom above.

Planning tip

As far as practicable, the roof pitch should match that of your existing house. The maximum eaves and ridge height of the extension should be no higher than your existing house.

Side extension – single storey

A side extension is great way to expand your property without sacrificing a lot of valuable garden space. It’s also affordable because the flat roof keeps costs down. The benefits.

If you have an unused garage we can transform it into a comfortable, spacious extra room. Or we can design and build a whole new space for a utility room or an extra bedroom.

Planning tip

The side extension should not be greater than half the width of the house, and the height must not exceed 4m.