Phil Tufnell Lords Experience
19 May 2016

10 Reasons the Tuffers Lord’s Experience is unique

1. Phil Tufnell is renown for being the best corporate hospitality host in the business. His collection of witty anecdotes, unique cricketing tales and engaging personality will ensure that your guests will be both entertained and feel like they have a friend for life!

2. Playing cricket at its spiritual home is the mecca for any professional cricketer; your guests can feel the same thrill and buzz as the legends to have played at Lords over the years.

3. Taking on Tufnell and his cricketing pals is a thrill unlike any other, especially if you smash him for 6, imagine the banter and sledging!

4. Over the years, the likes of Alastair Cook, Andrew Strauss, Mark Butcher and Graham Thorpe have joined Tuffers to face the best that attending guests can throw down at them – off-spin, fast bowling and the like. Ever fancied your chances to bowl out an England captain? Your guests will never be able to stop you re-telling that story!

5. Being tour-guided around Lords and taking in the MCC Centre, changing rooms and the world-famous Long Room is compelling enough for some. Being personally tour-guided by Tuffers elevates the experience to a whole new level – telling stories beyond the art-work, sculptures and bails that really taps into the magic of Lords.

6. Ever wanted to be parent of the year? These events aren’t necessarily just for corporates – just imagine the smile on your son or daughter’s face if they got to meet with their heroes up close and personal whilst playing their favourite sport at the best ground in the world.

7. These days everyone receives invitations to watch live sport – retention rates for some events can drop if a client repeatedly gets invited to the same event every year. This invite is truly different to just sitting in a box a shared VIP facility.

8. Sharing a few beers with Tuffers alongside your sumptuous three course-meal at the Lords Taverners’ Inn at the end of the occasion will be an event to remember.

9. The Lord’s Experience net session can be flexible around your preferred dates and times – morning, afternoon or evening, whatever works best for you!

10. Your signed memorabilia and photographs to take away from the day – shirts, bats or balls (you choose!) – will give your guests something tangible to reminisce on from years to come.


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Written By Tom