People walking at the Monaco Grand Prix
22 May 2015

15 Years of Monaco Grand Prix


As Monaco Grand Prix approaches there’s always a sense of excitement and anticipation in the Paragon office.

This year, there’s plenty of nostalgia too; 2015 represents the 15th year that Paragon have been entertaining our guests in Monaco. We thought we’d celebrate by sharing some of our favourite memories….

Monaco GP


James Clutterbuck | Director


Monaco Debut | 2001
Grands Prix | 14
Uniform | Pink Jacket/Diamante-studded t-shirt/White Loafers/Ray Bans

Favourite Thing About Monaco | “Too many memories, but it’s incredible the famous faces you see out there. I managed to high-five Princess Caroline a few years back with our guests, which we were pretty proud of! One year we stayed in Columbus and our guests were next to Michael Schumacher at breakfast, then we had dinner alongside David Coulthard and Mark Webber! Along the way I think I’ve stumbled into George Lucas, Paris Hilton, Chris Evans, all sorts. And one year – 2007? – the dream team of Pitt, Damon and Clooney were in town having promoted Oceans 13 at Cannes.”

Yachts from Shangri La

Career Highlight | “One from the early days! Back in 2001 I managed to get a speedboat ride with our guests around the bay with the BAR Formula 1 team. Safe to say their addiction to speed doesn’t end on the track.”




Richard Gillham |  Commercial Director


Monaco Debut | 2004
Grands Prix | 8
Uniform | Jeans & Deck Shoes

Favourite Thing About Monaco | “It’s a sight to behold; money, cars, yachts and women – probably in that order! But whatever your take on it, it’s a place that can make you walk around with your jaw on the floor. The sights are one-off, and incredible, our guests are always impressed.”


Career Highlight | “3 or 4 years ago we managed to get into the Formula 1 Paddock for a quick walkabout, wandering around the team motorhomes and bumping into Lewis Hamilton. Aside from that, my highlight every year is that feeling at the end of the Grand Prix when the engines fall silent, the yachts start honking their horns and you know everyone’s about to have an unforgettable party. Our weekend guests always love this moment.”








Lech Sikorski | Head of Sales


Monaco Debut | 2014
Grands Prix | 1
Uniform | Patterned Shirt/Loud Blue Trousers/Stained Kurt Geiger Chelsea Boots

Favourite Thing About Monaco | “I did my first Monaco weekend last year and it was a hell of a ride. I take the view that if I’m selling something I need to immerse myself in it, so I did! My favourite thing is that as soon as the race is over, before you can blink, there’s a hundred bars that open up on the track. Our guests are on the actual Grand Prix track, beer in hand, partying with eccentric strangers and gawping at podium dancers. Amazing.”

2 eccentrics

Career Highlight | “Tough one, even in my one year! Either Eddie Jordan and the Robbers performing on our yacht party on Friday evening, or high-fiving Naomi Campbell! I’m one of the few people that can reach!”


Written By Richard Gillham