The world cup trophy
10 April 2017

3 Sporting Events to have on your Radar for 2017/2018

As budgets get finalised for the upcoming financial year, individuals across all titles and sectors are preparing which events would be relevant to entertain their key clients.

Whilst there are no limits when it comes to spend or imagination we have included a few golden gems to keep an eye out for…

1. NFL at Twickenham (September/October 2017)

With plans to have a permanent NFL Franchise in London and Sadiq’s Khan’s bold ambition to host the Superbowl on these shores, America’s arguably most popular sport is flourishing in the UK via the NFL International Series. With 4 games being scheduled later on in the year (2 games at Wembley; 2 at Twickenham), the most ever held in the UK in one calendar year, there has never been a better time to sample that Yank razzmatazz; let’s hear it for those famous Cheerleaders!

2. NBA Championships at the O2 (January 2018)

The American invasion continues with this annual fixture at the O2 in January where an official NBA Championship game takes place. The occasion always attracts the rich and famous in their drones with A-List celebrities battling it out behind closed doors for those coveted front row seats. With plenty of additional entertainment besides the basketball happening throughout the night, the event represents an all-round spectacle to create special memories for your guests for years to come.

3. FIFA World Cup (June/July 2018)

The crown jewel of the world’s most popular sport, the FIFA World Cup will be traveling to Russia in 2018. Whilst well documented off-the-field issues plague the administration accompanied by justified concerns about fan trouble, there will be no shortage of football lovers eager for the adventure of a lifetime in one of the most historic and culturally rich areas on the planet. Whilst it may be wishful thinking for believing this could finally be England’s year (probably best to qualify first!), there will still be plenty of suspended disbelief being swilled through local vodka shots.

If you would like to receive options or details regarding any of the above or indeed require further ideas or events to get people together then please do get in touch with Paragon and we would be delighted to service your requests.

Written By Katie Rogerson