Christmas Markets in London
22 December 2015

The 5 Best Christmas 2015 Ads

Christmas ad releases are a highly anticipated event and this year has produced some memorable moments for us to cherish once again. From John Lewis’s “Man on the Moon” to EDEKA’s “#heimkommen”, we take a look at 5 of the best of them from 2015 below.


1. John Lewis:

John Lewis has a history of producing much loved Christmas ads, such as last year’s Monty the Penguin, and Man on the Moon did not disappoint this time around. The ad involves an inquisitive young girl who spots an old man through a telescope, sitting alone on the moon. She then sends a little Christmas spirit in the form of a telescope, floated up to him with balloons.

YouTube views (as of 22/12/2015): 23 million


2. Sainsbury’s:

The 2015 offering from Sainsbury’s is named “Mog’s Christmas calamity” and tugs on your heartstrings as much as one would expect. The ad focuses on a cat named Mogi who almost ruins Christmas for the family but it is saved in the end by the type of community spirit that Christmas is all about.

YouTube views (as of 22/12/2015): 26 million


3. Aldi:

Aldi’s Telescope Christmas advert is a playful spoof of the John Lewis “Man on the Moon” ad and acts as a follow on from the original, with the lonely man comparing 2 telescopes and concluding that he prefers the cheaper one from Aldi, which now shows a new gift arriving in the form of a lady when he peers into the eyepiece.

YouTube views (as of 22/12/2015): 2 million



EDEKA are a German supermarket brand and their 2015 advert tells the story of an older man who is let down year after year by his children who never visit him for Christmas. One year, he decides to fake his death and they all arrive at his house after the funeral. He then enters the room to say that it was the only way he could get his children together for Christmas. Definitely one of the more risky Christmas adverts although it has been received favourably by the public so far, and is the most viewed Christmas advert of 2015.

YouTube views (as of 22/12/2015): 44 million


5. Argos:

#JustCantWait is a fast paced Christmas advert with snowboarding, snowmobiles, sledding and other extreme sports on show which promote Argos’s winter collection for those looking to wrap up warm for a Ski trip. The ad also has a few familiar faces in it such as the Minions and Elsa, and showcases products available from the catalogue retail giant.

YouTube views (as of 22/12/2015): 200 thousand


Have a merry Christmas 2015 from Paragon!

Written By Tom