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25 September 2017

5 Corporate Hospitality Ideas for 2018

Six Nations Rugby – February/March 2018

Unquestionably among the greatest sporting tournaments of the world, the national rivalries and close geographical proximity between the six participating nations with their rich passionate emotion taken out into the fields and then out in the bars afterward has undeniably been handed down from one generation of fans to the next. The crown jewel unarguably of the hospitality packages available at any one stadium would be Twickenham with its plethora of VIP packages ranging from hosted rugby legend facilities outside the stadium (ex-England captain and 2003 World Cup Winner Lewis Moody at Chase Bridge etc), up until the varying shared restaurants available inside the stadium, some with pitch-facing visibility. Private boxes do offer the opportunity to isolate yourself from the excitement and build up but when that whistle blows then all bets (or scrums!) are off! Quite simply you will forget why you purchased the hospitality package in the first place and for whom – you will only care about the disputable offside call, the defensive 5m scrum and wondering how on earth referees as eloquent and witty as Nigel Owens aren’t doing stand-up comedy.

Horse Racing
Cheltenham Festival – March 2018

The difference between ecstasy and despair can sometimes come down to the name of your horse on a betting slip; for others, it can be the location and inclusions of the hospitality facility which they have been invited to!  Cheltenham offers a diverse range of VIP hospitality facilities ranging from the privacy and luxurious grandeur of your own private box, the sophistication and elegance of the glass-fronted track-facing restaurants; up until the informal non-track facing temporary marquees – still, a complimentary bar is always welcome!   With tens of thousands of plucky punters accompanying those lucky enough to acquire VIP hospitality on some level across the 4 golden days, the Festival makes for a rich and unrivalled atmosphere whilst watching the best-of-the-best horses from UK and Ireland come together to put on a compelling spectacle.

Monaco Grand Prix – May 2018

The highest compliment that you can offer this particular weekend in the F1 calendar is that you don’t even have to be a fan of motor-racing to be enticed into the action around you. The spectacular opulence on display is staggering – rows upon rows of super yachts moored in the main harbour watching the cars accelerate by; big brands jostling for best position to parade their banners and goods; A-Listers casually strolling around the sun-lit streets without fear of harassment and even the F1 cars themselves are staggering achievements of human precision and engineering. As you would expect, the hospitality packages are simply jaw-dropping: the ego blast of being on a yacht with glass of champagne in hand; accessing the Red Bull Paddock Club and their exclusive on-brand VIP perks; taking in 60% views of the track perched high at the Shangri La terrace adjacent to the starting grid; the 5* Hotel Hermitage offering A* decadence at their Midi Terrace…the possibilities are incredible for all budgets and size of groups!

Bespoke Experiences – Available throughout the year

For an experience which doesn’t necessarily involve a “ticketed-event”, there are opportunities to own and brand your personalised day (or night!) out with a sporting or non-sporting twist. For example, did you know that you could actually play at the home of Cricket of Lord’s against legendary broadcaster and ex-international Phil Tufnell whilst having a guided tour around the dressing rooms with food and drink included. Or even partake in various forms of on-road and off-road driving at Mercedes Benz World whilst hosted by Sky Sports F1 Presenter Simon Lazenby and an ex-F1 driver – champagne after driving of course! Indeed, if sporting occasions aren’t to your fancy then you can even create your own British Bake off masterclass whilst hosted by the stars of the show! The flexibility offered around controlling the date to run your event as opposed to being tied down to a particular day such as live ticketed occasions does have its appeals. There is certainly no metric for the imagination and whilst these bespoke experiences require perhaps a bit more consideration and thought they do offer a more meaningful and intimate way for engaging with clients.

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Written By Tom