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16 August 2016

5 reasons to use Event Management Services

Event management is “the job of planning and managing large events including conferences, formal dinners, festivals and ceremonies.” Managing events requires an enormous amount of attention to detail, time management and administration. Many companies events are a key part of their marketing and business strategy; either to improve customer loyalty, build relationships with new customers, to incentivise colleagues or partner companies or reward. As events are so integral companies need to ensure they are a great return on investment. That is why using an event management agency ensures efficiency, cost saving and measurement. It allows you to get the most out of it.

Here are a few more reasons why event management services are so crucial:

1. Time is precious

Our event management little black book of contacts ensures your company gets the best prices, first pick on the best suppliers and the best quality. Having built this contact list for years we know who would work best for each company, receive discounts and offers that companies going direct just do not receive and can vouch for your event running seamlessly. It also avoids wasting time looking for new suppliers, having to set them up as new supplier inside the company and negotiating payment terms, an event management company takes all of it on for you.

2. Access to insider knowledge, skills & expertise

Experienced event managers have a brain full of out of the ordinary ideas and are very familiar with venues, latest trends and management techniques. Based on previous experiences we can help you to design a formidable event for your guests. Event managers are used to managing challenging situations, have the knowledge of venues and suitable locations, are accustomed to managing multiple suppliers and have the cultural and language understanding of several event destinations.

3. No hidden costs

Event managers know exactly what the important questions are and when to ask them. This way all hidden costs will be explained and nothing will be unaccounted for, making it an easy process when paying the final invoice.

4. Making sure you are covered

We live in a world where it is necessary to have all Health and Safety paperwork for each event. All Risk Assessment paperwork will be organised by the Event Manager ensuring that all correct documentation is provided and the client is covered, if there were to be any incidents.

5. A stress free event

As Event Managers have previously dealt with almost anything they are quick to tackle any unexpected situation before most people notice, they work extremely hard to provide an outstanding experience for guests, allowing for the client to enjoy the event, stress and hassle free.

In a nutshell; when you are next given the task to plan the office Christmas party, summer party, incentive trip or an innovative event idea don’t rule out outsourcing; Event Managers provide you with innovative ideas, time & cost saving for your company as well as ensuring that the event experience is outstanding.


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Written By Katie Rogerson