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4 February 2016

8 Reasons to Entertain at a Gala & Sports Dinner

If you have never entertained clients at a Black Tie gala dinner/sporting dinner before or simply haven’t considered them an option for your company, it may be because they seem a bit old school or antiquated, perhaps even a bit boring.

You think, “why would I invite my clients to that, and why would they accept?”

However, there are many benefits to including dinners in your hospitality entertainment plans for the year. Read on to find out 8 great reasons why you should get involved, and why your clients will thank you for the invite!

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1. Cost

Entertaining at a dinner is extremely cost effective compared to hospitality at a major sporting occasion. With prices ranging from as little as £130 through to £400 per person, they are great value. Even taking a client for a long lunch at a good restaurant could easily set you back £100 per person & more, so the added value is clear.


2. Time

Dinners are shorter affairs than entertaining all day at a sports event. Often in the weekday evenings, you are only asking your client to give up 4 or 5 hours of their time outside of usual working hours and at the same time you are getting quality face to face time with your clients.

3. Entertainment

The entertainment at dinners doesn’t depend on a winning result or a good game, it is guaranteed! You’ll usually be treated to live Q&A panels or speeches from legends & stars of sport & well-known comedians. Humorous stories, funny anecdotes and improvised jokes are always in good supply. Don’t expect a dull “TV” interview – this is no holds barred and you’ll hear inside stories and opinions not shared by the media. Other entertainment acts & live music from stars are often included as well, especially at Black Tie Galas. The entertainment at these Galas is often appealing to all so it is a great invite to female clients or as a couples invite for whom a traditional sports game may not fit the bill.

Scouting for Girls at Children in Need 2015

Scouting for Girls at Children in Need 2015

4. Esteemed Guests

Celebrities, sports stars and legends are always in attendance at these dinners and guests are afforded the opportunity to meet, mingle & chat with their heroes. There’s chance for autographs, selfies and pictures in an unrushed, relaxed environment. Companies often have a star host their table for the evening giving their guests a unique opportunity to talk at length to some of the biggest names in the country about their career.

Lawrence Dallaglio and Lee McQueen at our Rugby Gala Dinner event

Lawrence Dallaglio and Lee McQueen at our Rugby Gala Dinner

5. Venues

You are often inviting guests to iconic and famous venues. Aside from the content of the evening the opportunity to dine in and experience these venues cannot be understated. Whether it’s the Long Room at Lords, the famous Great Room at the Grosvenor on Park Lane, the modern & contemporary Battersea Evolution, The Brewery in the city, The Tower of London or one of the city’s famous livery houses, it’s always a great experience.


6. Cuisine

The food is first class. You don’t need to take clients to a Michelin star restaurant to experience top class cuisine. Most venues have award winning chefs and catering teams and some employ prestigious Michelin star chefs to design and oversee menus.

7. Networking

Outside of your own invited clients, there are outstanding networking opportunities. Dinners attract anywhere from 200–1500 guests with most of the room filled with people at the top of their profession; business owners and MDs/CEOs as well as other influential people that may be useful to your business.

8. Charity

Most, if not all, dinners align themselves to a benefitting charity, either for a donation from table sales or some form of fundraising on the evening. This offers your company the chance not only to lay on a first class invite to clients but also to help support some terrific causes simply by attending the dinner and bringing guests along.



So there you have it, 8 great reasons to entertain clients at a Gala/sporting dinner. To see some of Paragon’s upcoming dinner and screenings please click here or enquire below.

Written By Katie Rogerson