An Evening with the Stars 2017
8 November 2016

A day in the life of an Event Manager at Evening with the Stars

From walking into our ‘behind the scenes’ staging room at the Grosvenor House Hotel at 9.00am on the morning of this year’s Evening with the Stars on 25th October, to clocking off at approximately 2.45am the following morning, the event management team here at Paragon go through all the highs and lows that event days such as these can bring up.

Of course, the work for the day itself starts well in advance which is exemplified by the fact that we are already on sale for next year’s event. The team are always prepared for almost every eventuality and the day runs as close to clockwork as possible with every minute marking an arrival, a soundcheck, a briefing or a setup. The amazing staff at the venue work tirelessly throughout the day to make sure that the Great Room has the visual impact to impress guests upon their arrival in the evening, and the dressing of tables including stunning centrepieces and place settings is certainly befitting the VIP nature of the evening.

As the Stars themselves arrive at the venue for soundchecks, the hard work of the weeks leading up to the big day gives its first reward as those on site early get a more intimate sight of some of the performances that will be impressing the hundreds of guests that evening. The likes of Laura Wright, James and Ola Jordan, All Saints and The Jersey Boys are flawless in any setting and seeing them intimately in a room as beautiful as The Great Room is certainly a jaw-dropping experience.

After the quickest of costume changes the time arrives that guests are welcomed into the venue and with everything in place the drinks start to flow and the chitter chatter of guests, clients hosts and celebrities creates a palpable sense of excitement in the room. With the press hankering for pictures of famous faces from the world of sport and beyond the flash of the camera bulbs just adds to the glamour of an evening that warrants the dapper black-tie attire of the gentleman and stunning flowing dresses of the ladies.

As the MC Martin Bayfield takes the stage the event takes on a life of its own and things inevitably fall into place as the professionals on stage do what they do best. The management team fetch stars for their respective stage calls, ensure everyone is looked after and wants for nothing and manage raffle auctions and donations for the worthy causes that benefit so handsomely from our guest’s generosity. There is little time to stop and take stock, however, once the team do have time to reflect on the evening the sense of pride is massive; with such worthy causes and such an unforgettable experience created for guests the prospect of doing it all over again is something that we once again start to relish.

All in all running an Evening with the Stars for us is an operation that is much like a swan- frantic and hard working under the water but outwardly: impressive classy and aesthetically pleasing for all!


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Written By Tom