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23 March 2017

All You Need to Know About the US Masters

It is that time of year again where the golf clubs come out of the garage, get dusted down and you head to your local driving range to find a your swing has disappeared. The Pros, of course, have had a week or so off over Christmas/New Year and have probably already earned themselves a few hundred thousand dollars this season already before us mere mortals have even had the chance to lose our first ball of 2017. This all of course for the pros is preparation for the biggest and best golf tournament of them all…The Masters.

Despite few people being able to go to The Masters, the great news is that it is possible to walk the hallowed Augusta National turf. However … here’s the bad news; With tickets in such high demand, they’re not that easy to get, nevertheless not impossible!

As many fellow golfers will know there are a number of tickets available in the ballot but registration for the 2018 event started after the 2016 event. There’s a waiting list that’s impossible to get on and the actual number of general tickets that go on sale by the Tournament Committee at Augusta National is a closely guarded secret.

So, how can I get there?

Commonly known among sports fans as one of the hardest sporting events to get tickets too alongside the Super Bowl. Mainly because it’s the only major golf championship to be held on the same course yearly and the sheer demand for tickets is huge. However nothing is impossible, just like other major sporting events like Wimbledon, The World Cup Final and the Super Bowl, if you’re willing to pay the price you can get there. A single badge may cost £1,000, or more, but for many golf enthusiasts, it’s worth it.

A good tip for first timers is to head for the practice rounds (Monday – Wednesday of Masters week) where you can generally secure tickets at a cheaper rate but also the players are a lot more relaxed and you are allowed to take in cameras and phones.

On Wednesday there is also the now world famous Par 3 contest. While parts of this event are now televised on the Wednesday evening it’s still a part of Augusta National most golf fans watching on TV don’t get to see. And during the par 3, you get to see players such as Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and other legendary Masters champions who no longer opt to the play in the championship event.

One of the best and 100% guaranteed ways to see The Masters is to book a package including travel, accommodation, transfers and tickets and you can enquire HERE about doing this. If you’re feeling extremely flush you can add on a Masters Hospitality experience to really make the most
of your experience, Berckmans Place is commonly known as the best hospitality experience in sport, it is so exclusive it simply appears on the Masters guide map as “BP” and at $6,000 a person that’s what you’d expect!!!

What to expect when you’re there?

Normally at such a prestigious event, you’d expect to pay over the odds for a nice cold beer, however, The Masters is unlike any other golf tournament in a number of ways.

Like the sport of golf itself The Masters is a stickler for tradition and is very much set in its ways, nevertheless, for the Patron’s (spectators as we call them) this is great as it means they’ve kept concessions at 1980’s prices. A sample of some of the cheap delights on offer from 2016’s tournament including a $1 packet of crisps or Masters Lunch (Sandwich, Crackers, Ice Cream Sandwich & Drink) $6

Obviously, people are not just there for the food so where is the best place to watch the world’s best golfers? Those that have purchased a patrons chair can get closer to the action as on most holes there are designated sitting areas which are respectfully adhered to and there are some fantastic vantage points. However the world famous Amen Corner, holes 11, 12 and 13 have to be the best place, head to the top of the stand behind the 12 tee and you can watch the approaches, chips and putts on the 11th green, Hogan’s Bridge and all the action on the 12th. And watch the tee shots come out of the chute on the par-5 13th; there may not be a better vantage point in all of golf.

It may not be cheap but if you’re a keen golfer, The Masters is on everyone’s bucket list.
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Written By Katie Rogerson