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12 October 2017

The Benefits of Corporate Team Building Activities

We now live in an era when communication is largely via technology. Relationships are getting more and more superficial and everything moves at a fast pace. With this in mind, team building activities are becoming increasingly important as a way to bring people together and to get people to interact. The days of cringeworthy team building afternoons are over and generation X and Y employees are now more keen than ever to bond with their colleagues.

Mike Martin, MD of Paragon defines team building as, “participation in activities that increases the communication between people whether in groups or individually. This, in turn, increases morale, efficiency and communication within the workplace”, a great definition which encompasses the actual activity and the results post-activity.
There are so many benefits to teambuilding. As it usually involves getting the team or individuals out of their workplace, there are also many mental health benefits too. Here are our favourites which we constantly hear in post-event feedback that our clients benefit from after their team building experience with Paragon:

Improves communication within employees
Getting a team together out of the office allows barriers away from work to be broken down. People who are also not used to working together (and may have only ever communicated over email) get the chance to get to know each other and learn the importance of communication.

Helps employees bond, trust and respect each other
Whatever may has happened in the office team building allows that to be put to one side as a team have to work together to achieve a new goal. It allows colleagues to forget about what has happened and work with each other, usually uncovering personality traits they may not have seen before, it also allows for positive memories to be gathered of working together for a joint goal which helps build respect between colleagues.

Key way to spot team roles
This is both beneficial to the team but also to the employer. Colleagues will always have a natural role. Whether it is an enabler, team player, completer finisher or project manager (the list goes on), this is a great way to allow a team to see where their colleagues fit but also for the employer to see where each employees strengths lie. Benefits on all sides for future productivity and development of the business.

Encourages creative ways of thinking
By getting the team out of the office and into a neutral & more creative environment, it allows people to really let their creativity flow. It also allows for blockers of creativity to be realised and improves the ability of employees to find solutions, it can make a huge impact on a business and the enthusiasm of employees.

Keeps employees motivated
Just by showing a team member that you are invested in them by organising team building gives the employee a sense of purpose and inclusion, leading to higher motivation. By allowing colleagues to be creative, have fun and get out of the office it improves this tenfold. The employee will also feel as if they are all working towards a joint mission once again improving motivation and therefore productivity.

Increases productivity
By allowing the teams to bridge gaps and form closer relationships built on trust you are bringing greater productivity to your company. People that work better, respond quicker and are more collaborative. Leading of course to higher productivity and increased profits; win-win all around!

And yes, all these from a single activity! If your company hasn’t tried it yet, it is definitely worth a go as results are usually outstanding.

Our favourite activities for the upcoming year would be a British Bake-Off style event (who hasn’t been inspired by the masterpieces and wouldn’t want to give it a go) and the highly sought after Crystal Maze, a hit brought back from the 90’s TV show, using the most varied set of skills possible. Advance booking is a must with both of these so do not delay.


At Paragon we can support you design away days and activities for all sorts of team sizes and backgrounds to help you focus on particular results, so why not get in touch and give us your brief below.

Written By Katie Rogerson