Choose Your Host!

David Haye

Price from £615pp.

Hosted by David “The Hayemaker” Haye, former WBA Heavyweight and unified Cruiserweight Champion of the World. One of only two boxers in history to unify the Cruiserweight division and become a world heavyweight champion.


Hayemaker Personal Trainer

Price from £425pp.

Hosted by David Haye’s very own personal trainer, with over ten years working with professional boxers.


What Is Boxing?

Boxing is a game that has been around for a huge number of years, turning into an authority Olympic occasion in 688 B.C. There is even proof of confining happening antiquated Egypt. Cutting edge game boxing includes two competitors punching each other with cushioned gloves, attempting to wreck their rival and out. These battles normally last three to twelve rounds, with each round typically enduring three minutes.

In the wellness business, there are incalculable boxing rec centers and boxing training camps the nation over that can be joined by essentially anybody. These sorts of exercises more often than exclude different kinds of punches sacks, hopping rope, and other basic activities performed by fighters (consider all the preparation montages in the Rocky motion pictures).

These high power kinds of activity in boxing makes it an incredible type of vigorous exercise. Oxygen consuming activity is any sort of activity that includes enormous gatherings of muscle, focuses on the cardiovascular framework (positively), and expands an individual’s pace of relaxing. Again – have a go at punching something as hard as you can for three back to back minutes and you’ll perceive how quick your heart will thump and how hard you will relax!

What we offer?

• Unique training session hosted by your chosen Hayemaker boxing  professional
• Private hire of the gym at Hayemaker HQ
• Hayemaker goodie bag for each guest, including t-shirt, water bottle, Ring magazine and signed boxing glove
• Three course meal with wine
• Use of shower and changing facilities at the Park Plaza