Monaco Yacht At The Deck
22 October 2018

The History of The Monaco Grand Prix

History of the Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix is probably the most famous and certainly the most glamorous event on the motor racing calendar. It’s been taking place on the streets of Monte Carlo since the 1920’s where the drivers have to navigate tunnels, chicanes and make overtakes on the French Riviera in front of the Monaco GP SuperYachts – one of which is chartered by Paragon, click here for more info.

Monaco Grand Prix History

In 1911 Alexandre Noghes, a wealthy cigarette manufacture and close friend to Monaco’s Royal Family, used his influence to stage the first Monaco Rally. 18 years later his son developed the rally into the Monaco Grand Prix. The first Grand Prix was won by William Grover-Williams racing in a Bugatti. The race was part of the Formula One World Championship in 1950 and has been a staple in the motorsport calendar ever since.

Monaco Grand Prix Track

The track itself is very narrow. This makes it difficult to overtake, often forcing Drivers to take risks they would never normally take. If you take all of this into account it’s no surprise that Monaco manages to deliver fascinating races year on year. One of the best views of the GP comes from the Harbour, in front of the Monaco GP SuperYachts, where you can watch the cars whizzing down to Rascasse which precedes the final corner. Check out the viewshere.

Monaco Grand Prix Records

In terms of records, Mexican Sergio Perez completed the fastest lap around the circuit of all time in 2017. Perez clocked speeds of over 330kph and completed the 5.5km track in 1 Minute and 14 Seconds. The late, great Ayton Senna won the race a record 6 times before his death in 1994 and many doubt whether his record will ever be broken.

Monaco Grand Prix Moments

Monaco has played setting to many memorable moments throughout its 107 year history. In 1965 Alberto Ascali spun at a Chicane and ended up with the Monaco GP SuperYachts in the harbour, while Jack Brabham crashed at the final turn in 1970 after punching the air as he celebrated a premature victory.

Paragon at Monaco Grand Prix

Since 2002, Paragon have taken thousands of guests to Monaco for the Grand Prix and are among the most experienced Monaco specialists in the business. Our team of experts are available throughout the race weekend to ensure our guests experience the very best that Monaco has to offer, with Monaco GP SuperYachts, VIP Parties and trackside seats.

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Written By Tom