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23 July 2019

Incentives & Beyond

Incentive travel opportunities have been used by companies for years as a motivational tool to achieve business objectives; and to enhance the productivity of its staff. Management set targets to be achieved by participants on the basis of which a reward is earned, usually comprising of a trip to somewhere using that favourite phrase,….”A money can’t buy experience to……?????” Maybe Brazil, the Marrakesh, or South Africa perhaps.
As specialist in this field, Paragon continues to strive in order to make each incentive as desirable as possible for its clients and their guests! It is the agency’s role to put together and offer trips that others can’t always buy themselves: style, entertainment and ample supplies of beverages. With unlimited access to some of the world’s most iconic as well as undiscovered destinations, Paragon are also able to leverage off the other facets of the company such as using their little black book of talent to add some celebrity enhancement to an incentive.

It is crucial to get to know the client as we all as possible in order to ascertain what type of incentive programme would work best for their reward winners. The world offers hundreds of destinations, but all clients have specific requests/requirements relating to travel time, style of incentive, climate, etc. What agencies are finding difficult however, is finding those gem destinations where no-one has been but equally where clients get the experience of a lifetime! Experts in the field for a number of years, Paragon are able to do exactly that, and make sure each destination offered is unique for that particular client.

By why engage in an incentive programme?

Aside from providing great networking opportunities and building participant motivation; incentives are a great way to honour and highlight employee recognition, promote positivity within an organisation, help retain top performers as well as driving desired behaviours to meet or exceed financial as well as non-financial objectives.

There are some key elements which Paragon believes form the most successful travel programme:

• The earning and selection criteria for the reward should be tied to business objectives
• Communication about the program and the progress participants are making toward goals is clear and consistent. Anticipation must be built throughout the year and kept employees motivated to achieve their objectives
• The design of the travel program, including desirable destinations, interactive sessions and leisure time for the earners, adds to the overall excitement
• Executives and key managers should act as hosts to reinforce the company’s commitment to the reward program and recognition
• The company should keep detailed records that prove the productivity of the earners and their contributions to the company’s financial performance

Nevertheless, producing the perfect incentive trip extends further than just organising a trip away for top performing employees. Clients are constantly faced with the challenge of keeping staff engaged and motivated beyond the incentive which can sometimes be considered as the end of any requirement to continue high level performance.
Over the last couple of years, as incentive programmes have become more popular with clients; it has also become clear that more needs to be done to retain commitment from all those who have an opportunity to win the incentive. Assuming that a good incentive will pay for itself i.e. Whatever money a company puts into the trip will come back to them in terms of increased employee performance is not always the case.
With all of this in mind, Paragon work with their clients to ensure that the impact and value of the incentive stretch well beyond the incentive time frame and can guarantee a winning formula for any future incentive programme.

Written By Tom