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22 June 2015

Masterchef – the first semi-finalists revealed…

Masterchef kept me sane after a sunny Friday evening… what a watch!

The programme kicked off with the relay invention test, we all remember it. The four got split into two teams – Chesney and Sheree taking the first paring with Sarah and Tish being the second. Both teams got off to a flying start with Sheree doing a traditional roast chicken and Sarah grilling her chicken thighs. The teams left clues with Sarah leaving dried up noodles in a bowl and Sheree hinting at a gravy. In true masterchef style none of the pairings got it right – Chesney opted to make a chutney whilst Tish (for the better) completely re-invented Sarah’s dish to be a chicken noodle broth. Something judges John and Gregg were delighted about. The teams were allowed to all be in the room for the final section of the task. Where Chesney and Sherree worked perfectly together, creating a harmonious dish (with the gravy and the chutney in the end), Sarah and Tish completely fell apart with Sarah throwing away the broth and doing what she originally intended, which unfortunately never worked in the first place. What a round. I think we are starting to see who the semi-finalists will be.

The second round meant a trip to LEGOLAND where celebrities had to cook, again in their teams, for 150 hungry workers who all filtered in to the canteen at 1pm. Chesney and Sheree got stuck in with a chicken curry and vegetarian stuffed aubergine and Sarah and Tish created the more difficult Salmon and Pesto encroute and vegetable truffle pasta. Watching Sarah Harding is painful. She is quirky and off-the-cuff but her rushed, messy style keeps you on edge the entire programme. Nevertheless despite thinking they are never going to deliver both teams non vegetarian option goes down a storm with Chesney’s cous cous stuffed aubergine faring the worst. It did look dry even from the sofa with my glass of white wine!

The final test now the teams, to Tish’s delight, have been parted once again was cooking a two-course meal for past Celebrity MasterChef champions Sophie Thompson (2015), Emma Kennedy (2013), and previous finalist Wayne Sleep (2014). Chesney got off to a flying start with stunning Fish stew and to the judges delight, Gregg’s favourite the most stunning Lemon posset. Sheree followed suit with a beautifully presented chicken with Asian veg and sweet potato mash. Emma’s fears were confirmed as sweet potato has no place in an Asian inspired dish. Too far from fusion. Her desert Crème Anglaise went down a storm. Tish performed well with a herb crusted lamb and a melt in the mouth chocolate fondant for desert. Rave reviews from Sophie Thompson who to be honest in true Sophie style did not say a bad word throughout. Sara finished off with the most chaotic cooking – a mix of flavours from turkey and parma ham to Asian green beans with polenta chips and sweet potato – that girl likes her carbs. Followed by Sticky ginger pears – the syrup was just too sweet and Sarah quite rightly went home. Disappointingly and most likely down to her partners performance Tish exited with her leaving Sheree and Chesney to go through to the semi-final.

Who will be joining them? Stay tuned for our very own Natalie Lowe this Thursday on BBC 1.

Written By Tom