British Grand Prix Vs Monaco Grand Prix
28 April 2016

Monaco GP v British GP: How They Compare

The Monaco Grand Prix is hailed by many as the best day in the Formula One calendar but did you know that it can cost less to attend the Monaco GP with full hospitality than the British GP at Silverstone? That’s with flights and transfers included, which shows that value for money can still be found in the richest independent microstate in all of Europe, which also boasts the highest amount of millionaires and billionaires per capita in the world!

The British Grand Prix, on the other hand, is a much more locally focused event with the majority of attendees being from Britain. The racing action here is much more intense than Monaco with greater space for overtaking and outmanoeuvering opponents along the historic Silverstone track.

See the image below for a quick comparison of the 2 and read on for more detail.
There are a wide variety of hospitality packages available at the Monaco and British GP, however, Monaco packages are cheaper on average despite including flights and transfers as well. Based on an average of day packages to the British GP, the mean price works out at £1,255 vs £1,095 at Monaco.

Monaco takes place in late May when the average temperature is 20-25c and is usually very sunny; perfect for comfortable summer attire. At Silverstone, which goes ahead in July, the temperature ranges from 15-20c typically, with usually a chance of rain, so warmer clothing is required.

The views of the track at Monaco make you feel like a million dollars; the sun is usually shining across the harbour and the racing action is in great view for anyone who chooses a hospitality package. At Silverstone, the views of the track are great but don’t come with the glitz, glamour and general feel of Monaco.

Monaco has a very slow track due to its narrow width and it can be very difficult to overtake competitors. Silverstone, on the other hand, is an extremely fast track with ample room to pass out opponents. In terms of pure racing quality, Silverstone is more suited to petrol heads who want to see fast and thrilling action on the tarmac.

Food & drink
Monaco is home to some of the finest restaurants and bars in the world, but at a price. Restaurants like the 3 Michelin Starred Alain Ducasse’s Louis XV runs well into the hundreds of Euro and require bookings, often months in advance, although there are plenty of high end restaurants along the port which you can book the day before the race to secure your table. With the British GP, the choice is not so extensive and requires a car/taxi to the nearest town of Northampton to sample the better food when you’re looking for a nice meal after the race.

Nightlife – our day trip does not include the evening in Monaco but for a full comparison if you are looking to stay the weekend we have done the hard work for you.
The nightlife in Monaco is renowned for its luxury and the “no expense spared” approach to treating guests. You can visit the casinos, see the supercars, mingle with the rich in many of the exclusive bars and clubs, or sip Champagne on your hotel deck overlooking the marina.
At the British GP, many head off to Northampton which also boasts casinos of its own and has much more reasonably priced bars and clubs, as you would expect.

Things to see and do
Monaco is very small and you can walk from one end to the other in under an hour. However, there is lots to do with multiple museums, an opera, the prince’s palace, beautifully appointed gardens and beaches all in close proximity. Around Silverstone, you’ll need transport to visit local golf courses, spas, forests and breweries in the surrounding towns and villages.

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Written By Katie Rogerson