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3 February 2020

The Monaco Grand Prix SuperYacht Experience From Paragon

The Monaco Grand Prix. The jewel in the Formula One crown. If there’s one race where you should go big or go home it’s this one. In terms of hospitality, ‘going big’ means experiencing the glitz and glamour of Monaco on race weekend from a luxury superyacht docked in the Monte Carlo Harbour!

Our Monaco Grand Prix hospitality offering is one of the things that Paragon are most proud of. As a result, the weekend of the race is one of the highlights of our year. If you’re an F1 fan then the chance to experience that special weekend in May in person, and a chance to mingle with some of the sport’s great and good might already be enough to have you wanting some Monaco Grand Prix yacht tickets… For those of you that may remain unsure however, let us convince you.

If you’re not a fan of Formula One racing, remember this… A set of Monaco Grand Prix yacht tickets from Paragon gets you access to much more than just sporting action. You also get to experience the sights and sounds of a millionaire’s Mediterranean playground as spring turns to summer… With opulent parties, great food and famous faces galore. Even when taking all the racing out of the equation, this is still a once in a lifetime trip and a chance to make some amazing memories!

And if you are a Formula One fan? Well, a set of Paragon Monaco Grand Prix yacht tickets gets you probably the closest viewing position of the whole season for the on-track action. Our yacht is usually located at the exit of the swimming pool complex on the run down to Rascasse… The distance between you and the cars measures in the tens of feet from this prime viewing position!

Get Amazing Monaco Grand Prix Yacht Tickets - This Is Paragon
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Get Amazing Monaco Grand Prix Yacht Tickets - This Is Paragon
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Written By Katie Rogerson