11 January 2020

New Year, New Paragon

Why we’re embracing a remote flexible working policy in 2020, and where you can find us.


Over the last 18 months ‘remote working’ has made it into the top echelons of British buzzwords, surpassed only by the dreaded B-word, Data protection’s ongoing (and still slightly hazy) rebrand, and the hitherto unknown magical health benefits of veganism…

With renewed public efforts to improve our environmental impact, the state of the UK infrastructure falling under heavy scrutiny in December’s election, and the ongoing drive towards improved mental health and well-being for office workers, it is perhaps unsurprising that remote working is becoming an ever more important factor when navigating the career ladder.

Which is why, spurred on by an ever expanding rosta of overseas events, Paragon decided that the traditional office environment was no longer offering enough support for its staff.

We are now pleased to confirm that Paragon have committed to offering a fully flexible remote working policy for our team.

So. What does that mean for you?

In essence: nothing! If you have worked with us over the last 9 months, you will see no change…

Your account managers are all easily contactable, with the additional benefit of offering a direct WhatsApp service for those clients who prefer an immediate informal conversation.

Our front of house team can all be contacted through our Team Pages.

Our new office HQ has moved to central London, and is manned throughout the working week (just as it’s always been). To call in for a coffee and a chat, please make an appointment with your account manager.

We offer a fully consultative approach, and will talk you through the best ways and means to optimise your hospitality and events budget.

What our team say

“It’s very exciting! We’re seeing more and more of our clients offering flexible working policies, and the last 6 months has proven that not being tied to the desk for the prescriptive 8 hours a day offers a much more optimised way of working…

It also means that when we are in the office (I make sure I’m in the Monument office a couple of days a week), we have an effective environment for collaboration, team work and – most basic of all – those face to face conversations (/5pm G&Ts!).

I think this mix is integral for the ongoing success of our company, and is one that we’ll very soon see mimicked throughout the events sector. I can’t wait to see what exciting opportunities this new way of working creates for Paragon.” Katie Forrest, Marketing Manager


“We are a busy company!!! My team fly all over the UK and all over the world on a regular basis. In the last 6 months alone I have been to 13 different countries!! Our clients rely on our first-hand knowledge of venues, cities and hospitality facilities, which means we are very far from your typical 9-5 job, even when not directly running a conference or incentive trip. Flexible working gives my team the support to get our work done, without losing time commuting or getting drawn into long meetings.” Pamela Benitez, Head of Events

New year,New Paragon- This Is Paragon is here for you!
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New year,New Paragon- This Is Paragon is here for you!
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Written By Katie Rogerson