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10 April 2017

NFL International Series London 2017: A Guide

Think Wembley on a Sunday afternoon, 84,000 people, drinks, burgers, triple replicas shirt over hoody wearing fans…….nope not the England football team, but the NFL International Series! And frankly, the England football team are struggling to sell out Wembley at the moment…

Let’s just take that in for a minute. Since the inaugural NFL UK match in 2008 London has seen many bang average (I’m being kind with that) NFL franchise grace our shores but despite tickets costing between £35 and £100 a go most of the games have been a sellout.

As predicted back in 2015, NFL UK has confirmed that for the first time in London the NFL will stage four regular-season matches. Twickenham Stadium and Wembley Stadium will play host to two fixtures each with three franchises making their first appearances in London, Cleveland, Arizona and Baltimore.

London regulars Jacksonville Jaguars will face Baltimore Ravens, while the famous Miami Dolphins will take on New Orleans Saints in the first round of the NFL UK fixtures. These matches will take place in weeks three and four of the regular season at Wembley Stadium.

Following on from the success of Twickenham’s first hosting of an NFL game last season they will host the second round of matches. The Cleveland Browns with play the Minnesota Vikings while the Los Angeles Rams will return to Twickenham again to host the Arizona Cardinals.

Full NFL London Fixture List

Wembley Stadium
Baltimore Ravens vs. Jacksonville Jaguars – Sunday 24th September
New Orleans Saints vs. Miami Dolphins – Sunday 1st October

Twickenham Stadium
Minnesota Vikings vs. Cleveland Browns – Sunday 22nd or 29th October*
Arizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Rams – Sunday 22nd or 29th October*

*Final dates of matches confirmed after the NFL draft in April

London Franchise?

So the NFL seems to be making all the right noises about a permanent London franchise by the end of the decade. Nevertheless actually achieving this is still far form reality. One would guess that British public’s current love affair (for 4 matches) with the NFL UK is still because it’s still seen as a novelty and a “one off”. Selling out a full season of 10 matches is of course and entirely different thing.

So until this actually happens why not entertain some clients at one of the 4 games planned in London for 2017 in some of the NFL’s fantastic hospitality options.

NFL UK Hospitality Package Options

Wembley Matches

• SAPPHIRE HOSPITALITY PACKAGE (Single Game £359pp + VAT Two-Game Bundle £645pp + VAT)
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• DIAMOND HOSPITALITY PACKAGE (Single Game £475pp + VAT Two-Game Bundle £860pp + VAT)
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• PLATINUM HOSPITALITY PACKAGE (Only available for Saints @ Dolphins game – £699pp + VAT)
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• Private Box Full Hospitality (Size, 8, 10 or 12) – £645pp + VAT per match
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Twickenham Matches

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• Private Box Full Hospitality
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Written By Tom