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Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

Installing Fixtures

When you are looking for a new look in your bathroom or kitchen, have Mr. Handyman update your taps, showerheads, bar fixtures, and more. He can swap out your outdated fixtures for ones that offer a different look. Whether you are looking for a basic setup or for a look that is modern or contemporary, Mr. Handyman can install it for you.  Mr. Handyman also offers tap repair services if you do not want to replace your existing tap.

Fixture replacement in your bathroom and kitchen not only contributes aesthetically, but it may offer energy savings too. For example, replacing showerheads with low flow heads can help you save on heating costs and helps reduce the litres of water you use a year. Learn more about how Mr. Handyman home repairs can help you go green .

Not limited to bathroom and kitchen plumbing services, Mr. Handyman can help install a laundry tub, countertops, or help install a tap in your outdoor entertaining area. To learn more about fixture replacement, contact your local Mr. Handyman.