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Window Repair

Mr Handyman Tech window Repair Window Repair

Window frames support panes of glass to protect your home from wind, water and other elements that damage your home.  When a sash, frame or other portion of a wood window rots or shrinks, it affects your window's ability to efficiently protect your home. Proper frame and sash window repair are an important part of regular home maintenance that Mr. Handyman offers.

Residential window repair from Mr. Handyman addresses many window frame repair issues for a variety of window types. In older homes, these repairs are often made to a remaining wood window, where any instances of splintered wood need to be repaired. Window repair services by our professional, reliable handymen also extend the life of wood windows that accent your home's architectural style.

Another common wood window frame repair happens when windows that slide open vertically or horizontally damage the sliding sash. Window repairs of this nature keep glass planes securely in place. Mr. Handyman can also replace any rotted or cracked wood, and when investing in our window frame repair services, Mr. Handyman can also help you decide whether it's time to install energy-star rated windows for improved efficiency and money saving value.

Discover Mr. Handyman's reliable wood frame and sash window repair services, as well as our other services, including drywall repair and countertop installation.