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Mr Handyman Glasgow Customer Reviews

I have found them very helpful never late and the job done to my satisfaction would recommend them to anyone.

Philip Strang - Glasgow

Dear Martin and the team, (Mr Handyman Glasgow)

Thank you so much for helping us and erasing our "to do list"! It's been great to get things done and not have to think about them!

Give me a few weeks and I'm sure I'll have a new list of things to do!

Mrs Smyth - Glasgow

Dear Mr Christian, (Mr Handyman Glasgow)

Thank you very much for the good work you did with my fence. I will certainly call on you in the future for any other jobs I need doing.

Mrs Rodgers - Glasgow

G. Barker - Glasgow

Mr Handyman arrived right on time as promised. He managed to solve and resolve what I thought would be a difficult problem quickly and efficiently. I think there is definitely a niche in the market for a service like this. Sometimes when you have lots of small jobs around the house and you wonder who to call...?joiner, plumber, tiler etc. Mr. Handyman would be the man you need! All work is guaranteed - unlike some cowboy operators who disappear when something goes wrong. I will definitely use Mr Handyman again and have already recommended him to friends.

Mrs Ford ‎ - Glasgow

The service was excellent! Friendly, professional staff, punctual and very high standard of work from everyone. Price reflected the amazing range of services. Receptionist/secretary has a lovley manner and has an amazing knowledge of products, services and what is needed. Being unable to drive at the moment, the company purchased the necessary items for me, having discussed it over the phone with the secretary. Very good communication throughout with customer. Punctuality and follow up superb!Definetely recommend Mr Handyman!

Dear Mr. Christian,

I have only now been able to use my computer after a bit of a break-down.   As you know Gary will be coming to do the bench and table when I am away visiting my Son.   While he is here could you ask him to tighten the hook at the front door which is for the hanging basket.   Also he put a hanging basket hook up on the right hand side of the hut and I would like another piece of ironmongery on the left hand side.   I will leave it out for him.
I am absolutely delighted with Gary's work and it is a great relief to me to get all these jobs done.   I know for sure I will have further work in the future.   I have been telling my friends about you and I hope you will get some work from them in the future.
Kind regards,