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Commercial Customer Testimonials

Mr. Handyman is proud of the testimonials that we have received from our commercial customers.  One tech or an entire team.  Let Mr. Handyman be your business maintenance and repair solution.


Please take a moment and browse through them.

Dear Mr. Christian,
I have only now been able to use my computer after a bit of a break-down.   As you know Gary will be coming to do the bench and table when I am away visiting my Son.   While he is here could you ask him to tighten the hook at the front door which is for the hanging basket.   Also he put a hanging basket hook up on the right hand side of the hut and I would like another piece of ironmongery on the left hand side.   I will leave it out for him.
I am absolutely delighted with Gary's work and it is a great relief to me to get all these jobs done.   I know for sure I will have further work in the future.   I have been telling my friends about you and I hope you will get some work from them in the future.
Kind regards,


"Greetings! First of all, we would like to thank everyone at Mr. Handyman for making our job much easier by hiring highly trained professionals. Every job was done perfect according to our unique specifications and no details have been overlooked. We are very satisfied and truly look forward to expanding and reaching out to all of our Forever 21 stores. A job very well done! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and we truly thank you for making everything very easy for us! Meanwhile, wishing everyone at Mr. Handyman a very prosperous year! "
— Johnny Kim, Corporate Office

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