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Seasonal Upkeep

Seasonal Upkeep

Ways Small Tasks Prevent Major Home Repairs

Certain tasks find themselves at the top of your "To Do" list every season. From gutter cleaning and landscaping, to weather-stripping and making sure smoke detectors and fire extinguishers work, checking off these tasks ensure your home's value and efficiency.

Performing the following seasonal maintenance tasks prevent many costly, major home repairs.

Gutter Cleaning

Clogged rain gutters can damage your roof, resulting in expensive interior and exterior home repairs. Preventing expensive major home repairs through proper gutter cleaning every season keeps rain water draining properly.

Having Mr. Handyman's professional services keep these rain gutters clean while also preventing unnecessary damage. Using improper tools to remove debris could damage your gutter. Installation of a new rain gutter system is a major home repair that's preventable by placing "gutter repair" and "gutter cleaning" on the minor home repair list you give Mr. Handyman to complete.

Deck Repairs & Maintenance

At the very least inspecting your deck at the end of each season can help identify minor deck repairs before they turn major. Most pressure-treated wood is rot resistant, but many popular decks made from untreated cedar are more prone to rot and therefore require more frequent inspection.

Proper power washing, staining and treating of your deck prevents having to replace rotted wood, which is a safety hazard. One rotted support board could cause portions of your deck to collapse. Rebuilding your deck then becomes a costly endeavor, especially when small repairs and proper maintenance could have prevented it.

Make sure your deck is adding home value and not depreciating it. One call to Mr. Handyman will have all your deck repairs and maintenance needs taken care of before your deck becomes a safety hazard.

Paint Touchups & Drywall Repairs

Changing décor often means holes left where framed photos and art used to hang. When holes aren't patched right away they grow bigger, causing damage to your drywall.  Before you change your paint color, or make any paint touchups, you'll need to have these holes properly inspected and patched.

Most small holes are just that. And having a steady, neat hand professionally patch drywall prior to painting can leave your walls looking brand new.  Mr. Handyman professionally patches drywall before touching up your paint.  Also repairing drywall properly increases your home's efficiency by preventing air infiltration.

Insulation & Weather Stripping

Increasing home efficiency begins with eliminating common causes for air infiltration. Installing weather stripping around exterior doors and windows, proper insulation around pipes, along with many other minor home repairs helps reduce tiny air leaks that raise your heating and cooling bills.

Take care of air infiltration before a warm summer or cold winter hits. One call to Mr. Handyman helps prevent air infiltration by properly installing insulation, weather stripping, as well as offered door and window installation services.

Seasonal Checklist

• Clean your gutters 

• Check Windows and doors for damage and drafts 

• Deck repairs 

• Shut off outdoor water spigots

• Repair Wood Rot

• Check seal around baths and sinks

• Organise the garage

• Check/install smoke and carbon monoxide protectors