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Doors - Interior and Exterior

Door Installation Glasgow



Exterior Door



Interior door

Mr. Handyman repairs, maintains and installs exterior and interior doors of every shape and size. Our professional handyman services increase your home's efficiency by replacing or repairing cracked or broken interior and exterior doors, including storm, sliding glass, French doors and many others. We can also add value and curb appeal by either painting or inst alling the exterior door of your choosing.

Seize your opportunity to make your home more efficient and valuable by hiring our professional handyman services including repairing, installing or maintaining your interior and exterior doors.

Door Installation Makes Your Home Efficient

Improperly sealed doors cause air infiltration that raises your heating and cooling costs. For example, installing an exterior door without cracks, holes or large gaps between the ground and the door, will prevent heat or air conditioning from escaping. 

When you notice your interior or exterior doors need a new coat of paint or replacement, call on Mr. Handyman's door installation services. We install doors of all shapes and sizes for a more efficient and valuable home.

Exterior Door Installation

Faulty exterior doors cause a lot of problems, including allowing robbers and the elements easy access to your home. Both of which can be more costly in the long run than installing a new exterior door.

Mr. Handyman helps you determine whether door installation or repair is necessary. Often our professional handyman services troubleshoot problems that can prevent having to install a new door. Sometimes making minor repairs are enough, other times exterior door installation is your best option for saving your family money.

Exterior door installation is critical for maintaining your home's efficiency and value. New exterior doors can help prevent air infiltration, which is often a big culprit in increased heating and cooling costs. For added protection, storm door installation provides an additional layer between your home and the elements.

Installing an exterior door can also add additional curb appeal. These main entryways welcome family, friends and prospective buyers into your home. When these exterior doors are scratched, dented and unsightly it reflects poorly on the home owner and reduces the home's value.

Let Mr. Handyman help with professional home repair contractors that specialise in exterior door installation, repair and maintenance. Find your nearest Mr. Handyman for services that can check off all your outdoor installation and home repair needs.

Interior Door Installation

Interior door installation adds value and beauty to any room in your home. Whether you're thinking of installing French doors in your master suite, or looking for added protection by installing an exterior door made of steel, Mr. Handyman's professional handyman services do it all with one call.

Proper door installation ensures your privacy, yet at Mr. Handyman we know common, everyday situations can damage those interior doors.  Pets clawing to get outside or teenage siblings fighting over the bathroom can cause damage to your doors in the form of scratches, holes and dents. Installing an exterior door for pets or replacing that bathroom door is a great way of ensuring your home's value is maintained.

Mr. Handyman specialises in a variety of door installations and repairs. For example, we can improve your home's efficiency with our storm door installation services that include sealing and installing exterior doors. Parts missing from hinges, patching holes, adding a new coat of paint, and installing a door that fits a recently remodeled home are all reasons why our professional handyman services are preferred nationwide. And it shows with our 99 percent customer satisfaction rating.

Put Mr. Handyman's experienced, insured and professional handyman services to work for you. We'll handle every interior and exterior door installation along with other major and minor home repairs with just one call.