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Kitchens Design & Supply

Kitchen Remodel

Example of new Kitchen

New Kitchen


Kitchen doors                                                                                               

Your New Kitchen

A well designed, organised functional kitchen, can only be achieved with crucial planning all the different areas that will feature within your design must be taken into consideration and how utilise the space to the best effect

Step 1: Think how will you use your kitchen?

The way to design your kitchen should be around your family's lifestyle. Of course you will cook here, have breakfast, children may decide it's a nice place to do their home work. Will your washing machine be in your new kitchen?

Step 2: What is the available space you have?

Whether you are replacing an existing kitchen or extending your room, the available space will determine the shape of your kitchen and the right design will maximise it. Our planners with years of expertise using computer aided design (CAD) will help you create the kitchen of your dreams

Step 3: Designing & Planning your kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Where family  and friends gather. Where it all gets done: cooking, entertaining, conversation, maths homework, Partying, it has to be the most inviting room in your home; all our kitchens are manufactured and installed to the most exacting of standards by our team of craftsmen. By combining the latest in new technology with the finest in traditional methods, they ensure that all our customers are satisfied customers.


Transform your old kitchen

Working to a budget, no worries we can help you transform your kitchen

With our replacement doors, work tops, and drawer fronts. You can have a new kitchen look by completing the job with finishing touches from a range our accessories like handle, lights and other accessories.

Complete the perfect look with your choice of handles, lights and many finishing touches from our huge range of accessories.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website and are inspired by our ideas

Kitchens by Howdens

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