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Outdoor maintenance

Mr. Handyman knows what is expected on any painting and staining projects in your home or office. Our certified technicians will bring that level of detail to all of your projects, whether it's an interior paint job or exterior paint job.

At Mr. Handyman we know that painting is not just a new coat it is an expression of you.  Our professional technicans exercise the quality and care that you deserve so that you can feel free to be you.

Your professional technicians can add a new coat to flooring, trim, crown moldings, decks, floors,doors, and much more….


Outdoor Organisation Services

Warm weather means plenty of time outside. Wouldn't you rather spend that time with family and friends instead of performing routine maintenance on your home? Let Mr. Handyman clear off the "to do" list early and efficiently, so that you have time to enjoy the outdoors.

Outdoor Repairs

Mr. Handyman can help you with all your home repair needs. From outdoor organisation services to outdoor maintenance, our professional home repair contractors are here to assist you. Popular outdoor services include:

• Assemble deck furniture for your upcoming gathering
• Inspect and perform deck maintenance to prevent costly repairs down the line
• Repair your storage shed
• Add some touch-up paint to your home's exterior
• Use epoxy paint to make surfaces durable and easy to clean
• Install doors and windows

With Mr. Handyman, finishing that "to do" list you created is a breeze. No job is too big or too small for our professional handyman services. Your needs vary, and we're prepared to help with whatever we can to make your life a little bit easier. So whether you just want a little help with the landscaping, needexterior door installation or epoxy painting services, Mr. Handyman can help.
Deck Maintenance

Deck maintenance is one of the most pressing outdoor issues. Failing to keep up on routine deck maintenance can result in a lost summer of rebuilding and fixing a broken deck. Call Mr. Handyman for a thorough check up on your deck. We'll do the minor repairs you may not have time for, and help you save money down the road by prolonging the life of your deck.

Call today and have Mr. Handyman help you with all your outdoor repair and maintenance tasks.