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Restaurant Maintenance Services

Kitchens Hertfordshire


As a restaurant proprietor, your focus is always on exceeding the expectations of customers and creating the complete dining experience. Focus on what's central to your operations and hire Mr. Handyman for restaurant maintenance and repair. At Mr. Handyman, consider us drywall contractors , tile installers , and above all, a single source of professional and reliable maintenance and repair work. Mr. Handyman has experience with both franchise restaurants and local eateries. As a franchise business, Mr. understands the needs of franchises and provides the personalized experience every customer deserves.


Professional Handyman Services

From fine dining to fast food chains, and restaurants in-between, many restaurants trust Mr. Handyman to perform these commonly asked-for services when it's time to improve their foodservice establishment:

  • Tile Installation: Mr. Handyman has experience with a variety of flooring types, including those used in restaurants. Whether you need tile or another material replaced, repaired, or installed, our professional tile installers will help keep your restaurant on its feet


  • Patching Grout: Restaurants often need their grout repaired. Mr. Handyman can take care of the grout used in tile flooring, grout in the kitchen, and more.


  • Restroom Repair: A restroom that it's need of repair can leave a poor impression on customers. From bathroom door hinge repair to other restroom repairs, Mr. Handyman helps restore your restaurant to full functionality.


  • Graffiti Removal: Vandalism not only damages your property, it can impair your restaurant's reputation. Call Mr. Handyman today to take care of what vandals left behind.


  • Patching Drywall: Just as in a home, drywall makes a dramatic impact on a space's appearance. Reach out to a drywall contractor at Mr. Handyman for all of your drywall needs.


For your restaurant repair needs, one call does it all