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Retail Maintenance & Repair Services

Retail Maintenance & Repair Services

Shelving Surrey


Your busy schedule and limited staff resources demand that you have someone available to make repairs or help maintain your retail business. Our professional technicians have a minimum of 8 years experience and can take care of your retail maintenance and commercial services. Rely on Mr. Handyman to perform a host of tasks that impact the appearance and functionality of your business, as well as the performance of your employees.


Installation & Repair Services for Retail Companies

From clothing retailers to convenience stores, many retail businesses have discovered that Mr. Handyman is a reliable, guaranteed, and insured source for maintenance and repair work. Common retail maintenance and repair services include the following:

  • Door Installers: Whether fixing fitting room doors or repairing an interior or exterior door, door installation service from Mr. Handyman is guaranteed to be done right and done on time.


  • Sign & Light Displays: As the welcome sign to your retail location, having a fully-functional sign and/or light display is critical. Call on Mr. Handyman to install or make repairs to your display. Mr. Handyman can also be used to replace light bulbs.


  • Plaster Repair Professionals: The Mr. Handyman team is comprised of contractors who have at least 8 to 10 years of experience and who understand how to fix the signs of stress that can plague the walls of your retail business. Because the need for our professional plaster repair services may indicate larger issues with your building's infrastructure, such as water leaks - we'll work to find and correct the root of the problem.


For reliable and professional commercial handyman service, contact the Mr. Handyman nearest you today.