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Home Adaptation

Adapting  your Home to Meet Your Needs

Alterations to make a home suitable for someone with a special needs include:

  • Widening doorways and passageways
  • Moving light switches, door handles, doorbells and entry phones to convenient heights
  • Installing grab rails for support
  • Adapting bathroom facilities
  • Locating bathroom or bedroom facilities at ground-floor level
  • Installing ramps to avoid using steps
  • Stair lift or elevator
  • Specialised furniture, like adjustable beds or support chairs
  • Setting up alert devices for the deaf and hard of hearing

Our multi skilled technicians are specialists in adapting homes for disability covering flooring, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Accessibility, Safety and Security.

  • Flooring 

mr handyman flooringIt is very important to get the right flooring for different types of disability. Getting the right type of flooring is extremely imprtant to avoid trips and falls and to help people feel confident in their own home. There are many different kinds of surfaces that suit different people - someone who uses a wheelchair is quite separate from someone with impaired vision, so we can help with the best type of flooring for some of the most common needs.



  • Bathrooms

special needs bathroom


Essential improvements to baths, showers and toilets to help maintain independence.

Grab rails, level access trays, low height fitted shower valves, higher fitted toilets for ease of use, lever taps, low fitted sinks, light switch lowered



  • Access

wheelchair ramp Make entrances, exits and moving around the home easier. If required also adapt access to windows