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carpentry & cabinets

Cabinet Building, Repair & Installation

Cabinets can inject new life into your home design. Imagine replacing worn out cabinets with brand new cabinets. It's one of the best ways to completely revamp the look of a room. Mr. Handyman has experience in repairing and installing cabinets in garages, bathrooms, kitchens, and other places in your home.

We can also build custom cabinet solutions to fit your needs. Whether it is to house an odd-shaped object or you need a set of shelves to match your existing decor, Mr. Handyman delivers personalized solutions.

Call your local Mr. Handyman, and we can set up a time for a Mr. Handyman employee to handle all your cabinet installation and repair needs.

Cabinets and Home Carpentry Services

Our residential carpentry services save you time. Mr. Handyman takes care of the installation and construction of your new kitchen cabinets, while you make time for things that matter. It's a new look for your home, without the time investment.

We can help with projects all over the house. From wall repair  to door installation and more, Mr. Handyman is ready to tackle your "To Do" list. Call Mr. Handyman today!