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Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance Services

Is your home maintenance "To Do" list a mile long? If so, it's time to call Mr. Handyman. Our professional and insured technicians have  years of experience in various trades, so completing your "To Do" list takes only one call. From replacing grout in the bathroom to installing an extractor fan, Mr. Handyman can tackle both the small and large projects on your list. Call your local Mr. Handyman today for home care maintenance services.

Home Maintenance Areas


Your attic can become an overlooked space. With the right improvements, you can add storage, make your home more energy efficient, and even transform it into a more utilized room. Mr. Handyman has the appropriate skills and knowledge to make the most of your attic. Common improvements include installing drywall, insulation, and floors. Mr. Handyman can also make repairs, install lighting fixtures, and more.

Bathroom Home Maintenance

Put in new shower doors, replace the old tile floors, stop a leaky toilet, fix grout, repair a tap - Mr. Handyman can do it all. Bathrooms are key to the value of your home - have Mr. Handyman make sure you get the most you can for yours.


From installing storage racks to repairing garage windows, we can help you get that garage in tip-top condition. Flooring, home organisation, and more are available from your local Mr. Handyman.


Looking to sell your home? Make sure your kitchen is doing all it can for your home value with help from Mr. Handyman. We can help you replace tile, put in new floors, replace countertops, and more!

Outdoor Home Maintenance

From fence repair to new windows, Mr. Handyman will conquer your outdoor home maintenance "To Do" list.
Explore each of these areas to find the services you need, and then find the Mr. Handyman home maintenance service provider nearest you.