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Furniture Assembly

furniture assemblyFurniture Assembly Services

Whenever you purchase a new piece of furniture, assembly is often required. Our professional carpentry service professionals can come directly to your home and handle your furniture assembly needs right away. We'll put together that new entertainment center, your children's play set, deck furniture, and more so that your family can enjoy it - and you won't even have to lift a finger.

Enjoy your time the way you want to while Mr. Handyman handles the assembly. Call your local professional at Mr. Handyman today to request furniture assembly service.

Furniture Assembly and More Home Maintenance

Furniture assembly in your home isn't all that Mr. Handyman can accomplish. Whether you have a "To Do" list with a lot of small tasks or a list full of larger projects, one call to Mr. Handyman does it all. A professional, licensed, and insured handyman will handle everything from wall repair  to bathroom tile installation and more! Simply call your local franchise today and let them know what type of home maintenance services you need - we'll come to your home and handle it. Call today!