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Custom Carpentry - Bookcases, shelving and more

carpentry bookcases and shelvesCustom Bookcases, Shelving, and Mantles

Add storage to any room in your home with a custom bookcase or shelving unit. Or maybe it's time to update the mantle above the fireplace. When you need more storage and display space, call Mr. Handyman. Our professional residential carpentry services include building custom bookcases, shelves, and installing mantles. A trained professional from Mr. Handyman will take the time and care to get your job - On time. Done right.

Custom Home Carpentry

Adding bookcases, shelves, and mantles are popular items on homeowner's "To Do" lists. With Mr. Handyman, we finish what we start. Don't worry about tools and equipment - call Mr. Handyman, and we'll take care of it. No need to spend hours teaching yourself carpentry skills - Mr. Handyman has the skills and expertise to handle your carpentry needs. We do the hard work so you don't have to.

With Mr. Handyman, you get the peace of mind of a job done well done. Let Mr. Handyman take care of your "To Do" list  while improving the style and value of your home. Meanwhile, you get to spend time doing what you want to do. Find your local Mr. Handyman today to request finish carpentry service.