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30 October 2015

Paragon are talking about Periscope

We can’t stop talking about Periscope and we were super excited to have had the opportunity to put it to use at ‘An Evening with the Stars’ in aid of BBC Children in Need.

Some of us at Paragon have used Periscope socially but we weren’t sure whether the quality of using an iPhone to film at events would work. However after sending out a couple of tweets to the entertainment for the night; Tom Chaplin from Keane and Scouting for Girls, their fans went crazy, requesting live streams of their performances.

Of course we thought, why not use Periscope, we had seen companies spreading word on social media that they would be live streaming at announcements, red carpet events, parties etc. A perfect opportunity to give fans from across the world and those unable to attend your events or concerts of their favourite artists the chance to experience these events live, as though they are there. Not only that but it also spreads the word about your company and all the great services you have on offer.

Prior to the evening, we did a test in the office to see whether people would listen to what we wanted to say. Our Head of Marketing, filmed herself introducing herself, her role, Paragon, what we do and then she told our new viewers about ‘An Evening with the Stars’. She even showed them our website and took them to the event page. If the viewers like what they are watching they can send appreciation in the form of hearts, so it’s always an exciting start to see lots of hearts flying across the screen. Having our viewers look at our website, meant we were able to track how much our test run worked and we were impressed with the statistics. Over 35 views in the space of 90 second. This proved to us that we needed to give Periscope a real go.

The buzz and ‘noise’ on Twitter prior to the event was crazy, we didn’t expect so much excitement over live streaming parts of our event. During the evening, we filmed the champagne reception, some of the entertainment and some of the after party. It gave potential customers to opportunity to ask questions about the venue, the London location, dress code, what we were eating, the entertainment etc.

Our conclusion is that Periscope offers people the opportunity to not only ‘try before you buy’ but also to gain an insight into us as a company and it lets us shout about how great our events are and how off to potential customers. We’ll definitely be using Periscope again.

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Written By Tom