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3 February 2020

Learn More About Paragon’s Monaco Grand Prix Packages

The Monaco Grand Prix is special. It takes place on the longest-lived street circuit on the F1 calendar… A circuit that has barely changed since the days of Fangio, Moss, and Brabham. A circuit where today the best drivers in the world race around the streets of a millionaire’s playground on the French Riviera. You can really feel the history blend with the ultra-modern tech of today’s cars… And of course, a dash of that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that can only be had in Monaco.

However they bear witness to the race, Monaco is a special few days for any Formula One fan. However, there is one surefire way to elevate those special few days even further… By taking in all of the action as a VIP hospitality guest on one of Paragon’s Monaco Grand Prix packages!

You can of course choose from one of our three preset Monaco Grand Prix packages – Gold, Platinum, or Diamond – the ultimate Formula One experience. All of those packages include time aboard one of Monaco’s famed SuperYachts. However, you also get full hospitality and accommodation for between two and five nights. You’ll see the on-track action live and in person too… With the cars blasting past you just tens of yards away from our usual position between the Swimming Pool and Rascasse!

The racing isn’t your only option though. With Paragon’s Monaco Grand Prix packages you are also able to go bespoke and craft your ideal Monaco hospitality experience! With the new Formula One season just weeks away, and Monaco taking place in its traditional May calendar slot, the time to get in touch with the Paragon team and book your place in Monte Carlo – alongside all of the celebrities and greats of the sport that will be there – is RIGHT NOW!

F1 Hospitality: Our Monaco Grand Prix Packages - This Is Paragon
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F1 Hospitality: Our Monaco Grand Prix Packages - This Is Paragon
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Written By Katie Rogerson