phil tufnell life after cricket
23 November 2015

Phil Tufnell: Life after Cricket Interview

1. Phil Tufnell, legend of cricket, we are so used to seeing you on our screens now. King of the Jungle, Skiing down mountains, and Question of Sport, what is your favourite?

It definitely has to be Question of Sport. Who doesn’t love meeting their sporting heroes like Steve Redgrave and Chris Hoy, while trying to answer questions on sport.

2. Do you still enjoy watching cricket, we love your commentary. Do you still get involved in cricket much now?

Oh yes, very much so. I have my radio show with Michael Vaughan on 5 Live and of course Test Match Special is just fantastic. For Oval test matches when I am not on air I spend the rest of the day hosting and meetings corporates who come along to my wonderful (I have to say that) Phil Tufnell VIP Club. It is great as I love getting all my cricketing mates and come and spend time with those in our box.

3. You seem to love being with people but then at the same time we have seen your amazing art, tell us about it?

I think amazing might be a strong statement, but I do love to paint. After selling a painting to Fatboy Slim a few years ago next thing I knew I was the One Shows’ art expert … love it!

4. Do you create the art at your Surrey home?

I have produced some of work at home. But I also use a studio down in Brighton that is right on the beach front and perfect for that creative spark.

5. What is your favourite thing about living in Surrey?

Although being a former Middlesex player, so I shouldn’t say this, Surrey for me is the ideal location. It is close enough to London to get in for a good night out, but far enough away to not have all the hassle of the city. And of course going out around Surrey is also fantastic and a friendly place to live. ​

Read the full interview on page 10 of London and Surrey Times.

Written By Tom