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8 July 2016

Q&A with Simon Lazenby

Paragon are delighted to announce Simon Lazenby as our new client. In honour of this we have done a Q&A to find out more about his thoughts on F1, his favourite moment on air and much more.

1. How long have you been presenting F1 for Sky Sports?
I’ve been presenting the F1 for Sky since we landed the rights back in 2012. 5 years have flown by and I mean that in the literal sense. Once the season starts, blink and its November because we are constantly on the move.

2. How long have you worked for Sky Sports and how many sports have you presented?
I’ve been at Sky since I left my first job out of University. That’s 17 years now! I was trading commodities but saw how much fun my sister was having in TV and thought I would give it a go. I started off as a runner but along the way have presented everything from rugby cricket, golf, sports news to bowls.

3. Who is your favourite F1 driver of all time?
It’s got to be Niki Lauda. I’ve got to know him a little in the paddock because I’m friends with my German counterpart at RTL with whom he works. To have been through what did in 1976, that close to death and get into a car, a few races later and then win the championship the year after shows a bravery that many don’t possess. On top of that he speaks his mind and has got a great sense of humour.

4. Where is your favourite track and why?
I love going to cities like Budapest, Melbourne and Austin but if it’s down to tracks then it’s got to be the classics of Spa, Silverstone and Monza. Monaco takes it though because of everything it entails. We all know it like the back of our hands because of the tales that have played out there.

5. Which sports do you play yourself?
I’m a keen golfer who once upon a time could play a bit but with a young family my handicap is going in the wrong direction fast. I also love cricket and occasionally have a hack for the village where I grew up.

6. Is it all about the winning or the socialising?
I’ve never been very competitive. Far prefer a good group of friends.

7. Tell us something about you that people don’t know?
I am proficient in the art of German Bum Slapping! It’s mine and Johnny Herbert’s party trick.

8. What has been your favourite moment on air?
Actually I had one the other week in Montreal when I was talking to Lewis about his race win and Sebastian Vettel just came up and started chatting about some seagulls who were just milling around on the track that he had to brake to avoid. He wouldn’t leave until the boys in VT had found them. So we just talked about seagulls for 10 minutes until they did!

9. What is your most embarrassing moment on air?
It involved West Indian cricket legend Clive Lloyd and a dodgy meat pie. I’d rather not go beyond that!

10. Hamilton or Rosberg for the title?
It will be Hamilton again. He knows he’s got the better of his team-mate over the season. It might be closer but I think Lewis will prevail.


If you would like to work or get in touch with Simon please contact us below or view his page here.
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Written By Mike Martin