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12 August 2015

Responsible for hospitality? This will save your company a fortune…

Being a leading hospitality provider, there are so many companies out there I listen to who have a box at a football club, the O2 Arena or a Club Wembley membership that they simply don’t use to their advantage. All too often I see boxes half full or no one in them at all (sound familiar?) which is neither any good for the venue, the event or the company shelling out every year for the privilege.

The question I always ask is; why do boxes or suites have to be solely used for corporate entertainment? With many major sporting events held on a Saturday afternoon, the notorious “non-corporate day” when people generally tend to spend time with their family, the dreaded “sorry I can’t make it” email often ends up in Event Managers, Directors or PA’s inbox on a Friday afternoon. I often suggest to clients to think outside the box and suggest ways on how to maximise the return on investment, some examples are as follows:

Family Days | People often skip corporate hospitality at weekends to be with their family, so why not invite your clients to bring their kids and other halves along. Yes of course for some events this isn’t suitable, however most sporting events provide a great opportunity to do this. Not only does it fill the box it also showcases the business as a real family orientated company.

Staff Incentives | Some businesses spend thousands of pounds on staff incentives when they already have a suite or box that is only full 70% of the time, so why not combine both?

Media Days | Venue finder’s fees and entertainment costs all add up when a suite or box could be the answer to many companies hosting a media day or launch. Why not invite them to the football or rugby instead of a hotel bar for the usual magician or dance group (our Event Management team have many wonderful unique launch event suggestions however!).

This is really only the tip of the iceberg and at Paragon we offer a full hospitality management service where we take control of your entertainment assets and consult on how to make them work best for you as a company but ultimately maximise that return on investment.

*All images of the Superbox at Emirates Stadium provided by Arsenal Football Club

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Written By Tom